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Discover and buy books : offers you more than 25 million titles in categories such as children's books, business and economics, Indian literature and literature and fiction.
Reading books is the favorite pastime of many people. If you've also been bitten by the book bug, there's a huge collection of books for you to read. From bestsellers to new and future releases, the choices are exhausting when you shop online at India's Largest Bookstore.
From books for dummies to textbooks for students, there is a wide variety of books. If you're looking to gift a teen with a fun book, explore the Young Adult Bookstore, where you'll find books from the best-selling series.
Numerous books are divided into different categories such as action & adventure, business & economics, comics & mangas, crime, thriller & mystery, fiction, humor and romance. You can browse by genre when buying online, making it more convenient for you to narrow down your choices. Then there are also biographies and real bestsellers. These books are available in different formats such as hardcover, paperback and cardboard book.
Gone are the days when books were always held in hand. In this digital age, there are Kindle eBooks that you can read on your Amazon Kindle. A number of selected free eBooks are provided if you wish to download them to your device. Apart from that, there are audiobooks, which can be enjoyed by those who prefer to listen rather than read. This is especially useful for students who want to listen to recorded lectures from renowned professors, as well as for students who can't read.
When you shop online, there are hot pre-orders. You can easily get your hands on that book you've always wanted to read, as the book will be delivered to your doorstep soon after its official release. You can also easily access most of the newcomers, with book descriptions that help you get an idea about the book without spoilers.
You can also use the Search Inside feature to look inside the book and flip through a few pages of the book, just like you would in a bookstore. Read book reviews written by Amazon customers and also check out your favorite books. also provides you with personalized recommendations based on your browsing and purchase history to help you discover new books that may interest you. So whether you want to buy a children's story book; study guides for engineering, law or medicine; biographies or books about computers and digital media; has a book for you.
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