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Sport: an essential part of our livesTo say that sport is an essential part of our lives would be an understatement. At some point in our lives, we've all felt connected to a team or an individual, whether it's Manchester United's adrenaline-pumping comeback or the pulverizing forehands of one-man Spanish armada Rafael Nadal or Cristiano Ronaldo's dribbling, or the Indian National Hockey Team, the examples can be numerous both at national and international level.
Our involvement in sports usually takes two forms: direct and indirect. This means that someone can be a player who is involved in many sports activities or someone who does not necessarily play a sport but still actively participates in it. Today, sport has become a coveted career option and has a lot of commercial viability associated with it. Sports used to be a big part of our lives without the commercial viability. It was more accessible to the privileged nobility. Now a number of people are choosing sport as a career option because of the wide range of opportunities it offers. Take for instance the growing popularity of football clubs, the IPL, Wimbledon, F1, etc. The popularity sports activities bring to the players made them internationally beloved icons overnight. This again opens up a range of opportunities for the players once they hang up their boots.

Why buy sports books online from Amazon?

Amazon is home to books on various sports activities. The books are extensive and broad in their appeal, ranging from cricket to tennis to athletics. If you have a keen interest in a particular sports icon, you might even find their autobiographies and biographies. These can bring you closer to knowing your favorite sports players. Some examples are The Test of my Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back (Yuvraj Singh's deal with cancer), Sourav Ganguly: Cricket, Captaincy and Controversy and numerous books about Sachin Tendulkar. The same goes for books about tennis legends like Rafa and other players. For football fans, there are Messi 2015: More than a Superstar and many other books. Some books bring you closer to the player, others to the sport. In addition, you will surely find certain books that list the conditions and rules for a game or tournament. These are for those people who want to take these sporting activities on a serious level. There are more than 1 million books that speak to the size of the collection. It's almost like saying "you name it and we've got it!" Also, books on some sports are covered at a distance that expand your limited knowledge. The books are well priced and cost effective. They don't burn a huge hole in the bag. The unique shopping experience at Amazon, along with the rich qualitative and quantitative aspect of books, makes it a worthwhile experience.
Amazon offers a wide range of books in various popular editions such as paperbacks, hardcovers, audiobooks and also exclusive Kindle editions. Judging by the ever-increasing popularity of the latter, Amazon also offers free Kindle editions for some books. It also offers a 'Look Inside' feature for customers where one can read some of the first pages of a book for free and make an informed decision accordingly. You can use a list of payment options to fulfill your order, ranging from cash on delivery to credit card, debit card and much more. Delivery is free for all orders above Rs. 499.
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